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I'm a Love Junkie, Looking for a Dealer...

I'm a Love Junkie, Looking for a Dealer...

Eric 'The Red' Cameron
4 July
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I'm Eric
I do ridiculous things
I enjoy the sound of kittens sneezing

hanging out with me
If you don't find humor in this, I don't want to know you.
absolut citron, agnosticism, alcohol, allen ginsberg, amsterdam, ancient asia, ancient egypt, art, beauty, being mellow, bisexuality, biting, biting fetishes, black and white photography, blues, bob marley, bombs, bongs, bradley nowell, breathing, bruce campbell, camp fuller, carpe diem, cats, celtic music, cigarettes, classical music, creativity, cultures, dancing, dj sammy, drugs, eddie izzard, eric clapton, everlast, fatcore xxxl, females, film, foreplay, freedom, friends, funk, george clinton, gonzo journalism, guiness, guinness, hardcore, hatebreed, henry rollins, herb, i hate the 80's, iggy pop, indiana jones, industrial, inkkubus sukkubus, ireland, irish folk, irish republican army, italy, jazz, jello biafra, jim morrison, jimmy urine, johnny cash, journalism, kilts, kissing, kissing in the rain, kittens, kottonmouth kings, kung fu, legalization of marijuana, life, long hugs, long talks, love, lynz, maddox, meerschaum, mel brooks, mindless self indulgence, moshing, moshpits, moulin rouge, movies, msi, music, nudity, orgasms, photography, piercings, pills, pink floyd, pleasure, politics, pornography, punk, quentin tarantino, rage against the machine, rap, raves, reggae, rob dougan, roddy radiation, rogue historians, romance, scarface, scotland, scratching, seduction, sex, sexuality, sham 69, shamanism, singing, ska, skabilly, skanking, sleeping, subcultures, summer, syd barrett, tattoos, techno, thayer street, the beatles, the blues brothers, the buzzcocks, the clash, the damned, the doors, the eagles, the samurai, the wailing wailers, thinking, trainspotting, two-tone, vikings, vodka, warmth, water, waterfires, william s. burroughs, wizard of oz, women, writing